Tips for Infant Oral Care

Life can be busy enough with an infant, it can be hard to also remember what needs to be done to keep that mouth healthy!  Here are some tips for your baby’s oral care:

          -Get in the habit of wiping your infant’s mouth out with a wet washcloth after feedings.

-Begin brushing two times per day with a soft toothbrush when the first tooth erupts, usually around 6-9 months of age.

-Be sure to lift the upper lip when brushing. Cavity-causing plaque typically sits along the gum line, focus on this area when brushing.

-Put your child to bed with clean teeth.  Only water after nighttime brushing.

-Avoid breast or bottle feeding on-demand or thru the night once the child is eating solid foods.

-Keep food and drink intake to specific feeding times. Avoid grazing and prolonged bottle feeding.

-Make your first dental appointment for your child by age 1.


For more information, visit the “Dental Care” Section on our website.

Photograph of a baby boy being thrown in the air

Photograph of a baby boy being thrown in the air