When summer gets busy, don’t forget about those teeth!

The summer is in full swing here at Rochester Pediatric Dentistry and we know that kids’ schedules are packed with a variety of fun activities.  Without the typical school day, our routines often change but we want to remind you to not forget about those teeth.  In several studies, daily brushing with fluoride toothpaste has shown to reduce cavity formation by 20-40% in children. 

Here are some helpful brushing tips:

-Brush for 2 minutes, 2 times per day.

-Assist children under 8 with their brushing and monitor older children to make sure all of the plaque has been removed from their teeth.

-When brushing your child’s teeth, lift their lip and brush right along the gumline—this is where plaque first begins to form daily.

-Floss anywhere teeth are in contact once per day.

We hope everyone has a fun-filled summer.  Remember your toothbrush on those summer getaways and your teeth will thank you!

Cartoon of a toothbrush that says "smile" on its handle

Cartoon of a toothbrush that says "smile" on its handle